Sevenday Movie Project
Philly and Baltimore

In 2005, two teams of artists and filmmakers faced off and did what was never done before — they made 24 short movies in one year.
Briefly, the project worked like this: In January '05, Baltimore gave Philly a challenge, make a movie under five minutes in one week. It must contain 1) a bird sound, 2) someone introducing themself more than once and 3) orange juice. Baltimore also accepted the challenge and the project was off to a great start one week later. Use the weeks above to view the movies and the requirements that brought them to life.


Headed up by Matt Sutter and Peter Dalkner, Team Philly is a small group of graphic designers and animators living in South Philly. With very limited equipment and equally limited film experience, their movies are low budgeted and strange.

They kicked off the contest back in January with International Language and no one will ever forget it.