Everything Twice

October, 2007

See an acoustic set by Virat Shukla of Baltimore's Squååks at the Metro Gallery on North Charles Street — Friday October 19th. Redstar will be there to screen the video we made for the band. Take your chance to punch us in the gut for offending your eyes. Or you can watch it here and email us in the gut. Your choice.

Time Will Tell

October, 2007

We stopped telling ourselves that we won't do anymore CAmm Slamms. But the season comes and you just get in the spirit to work all night and day. Time Will Tell follows a pair of dueling time travelers as they stumble upon a Dawson's Creek-style teen drama that gradually becomes an obsession for them.

CAmm Slamm 2006

September, 2006

Even though we said we'd never do it again, we embarked on yet another 48 hour film making adventure. The goddamned CAmm Slamm dangled the challenge in front of us and none of us had the constitution to resist. As you know, this Baltimore-only Fourty-Eight hands you nothing but a prop (this year a muhfuggin' coconut) and the order to return for your films screening two nights later. There was no topping the movies presented that night, therefore our submisson, I, Cyborg wasn't awarded first, second or third prize.

The Three Styles

May, 2006

a short film regarding possibilities Even though we said we'd never do it again, we embarked on yet another 48 hour film making adventure. This time, the sponsoring company (the people who took our $120 to let us exhaust and embarrass ourselves) was the 48 Hour Film Project. We were lucky enough to get a simple genre which aided us in getting it all done just under the wire. See it.

A Short Film Regarding Possibilities

April, 2006

a short film regarding possibilities RedstarKGB's recently completed project, A Short Film Regarding Possibilities, has been accepted to the Maryland Film Festival. Screening dates will be announced when we know them.
Check out the trailer. QuickTime is required, so, like, get with it.

The Sevenday Movie Project is Complete!

January, 2006

nfc05 picture It nearly killed everyone involved. Well, no. Actually it didn't. It wasn't easy, but it was fun and did what it was designed to to do – stir something out of us aside what we're giving to man week-to-week and teach us more about our craft. The last month's rules were for Philly to re-make a Baltimore Sevenday movie and for Baltimore to do the same to a Philly movie.
Seriously, check it out.

National Film Challenge ‘05

October, 2005

nfc05 picture The Redstar crew took a ride up to Philadelphia for the weekend to lend a hand with the 2005 National Film Challenge. The NFC works a bit different than what we usually do, the requirements are a bit more strict. They include: the genre, a character (name and occupation), a line of dialogue and a prop. That's a whole story right there!
Luckily we had some canned laughter on hand.

CAmm Slamm 2005

September, 2005

camm slamm picture Another die-hard run at the 2005 CAmm Slamm. Redstar's strongest year yet. An absolutely exhausting weekend yielded us this masterpiece of absurdity and a by-default first place trophy. Look for it later in the year when CAmm re-runs the entire evening. Then they'll play it again and again until the tape wears out. Or you can just watch it here. The prop was a crummy rubber mouse, hilarity did not ensue.